A Year in Review

Project  “Embracing our Future”
< IT-21-192-2011-R4 >, co-financed by  “Agenzia Nazionale Giovani – Italia” Youth in Action Programme, Act. 2 EVS
Host Organisation Youth Center Ardhmeria – Kline/Kosovo
Sending Organisation: ARCS-Roma

Discription of the Implementation:
Implementation of the project in Klina/Kosovo started on 1 February when  two Volunteers came in Kosovo, Youth Center Hosted two Volunteers for 6 Month period.
Of course at the begining volunteers was very fascinating and challenging but also for our team of organisation it was the first experince with European Voluntary Service, I must say that the presence of EVS showed a very good motivation for young people here to join European Voluntary Service  in Future.

During their time here they have meet a very nice families and specialy family where they were living in their nighberhood, usually they said to me: “This family has adopted us beacuse they treat us so nice”, Volunteers had a chance to see how one Kosovo family live and how they support each other and of course they have notice hospotality of our people.
This issue for our Organisation was very important because it gives opportunity to international youth understand our people and not to judge from TV or MEDIA.

Volulnteers has created their own friendship in Youth Center and Town , they started to cooperate also with other Evs in Balcan, they have been in Arrival training in Sarajevo and in MID-TERM Training in Belgrade, in this training they had opportinity to learn about other projects in Balkan and to hear about diffrent experience of Evs, they told me when they came back from the trainings a very diffrent stories of EVS and in somehow after trainings they looked more happy and more open to expreess anything, specialy they felt very proud when they told me: "Wow we have try to speak in Albanian there and Chiara she presented her self in Albanian language and she really felt very good, she  said that Non of other Evs did not express his/her self in Host Langauage."
And also in Tranings were presented some detalis of Evs Project and Chiara and Gaetano already new this detalis beacuse they new it, from Hosting Organisation and also From Sending Organisation, they felt very safe by having an Sending organisation that it is Supporting them and also responsible Host Oragnisation. I thing after seeing and learning from other experince they felt their self very lucky.

In youth Center both volunteers had a good cooperation with Young people, I try to divide their Roles so each of them had their own group of Young people to work with them.
Chiara she had 2 Groups Of English lessons And Gaetano had three, not all in same time of course, they had almost 6 month an Albanian Course and they never miss it, they were both very intrested to learn Albanian language.
During a period in Center Both Volunteer were able to Support working team in each activitiy that was oragnised in Youth Center, also they Supported youth Groups in their Initiatives such as: Promoting the Group, partecipateing in Enviromental Activity etc.

Cooperation between each other : Volunteers were accomodated in their own appartment and all the time were together, they worked as small team and time by time were together with their MENTOR, that for every problem in Center they could refer to their Mentor

Time by time their Mentor visited them, and also in their free time so they can see other cities of Kosovo, they had contacts with other Italians that are In Kosovo but somehow I saw that Chiara and Geatano were more intrested to be with our community so it was easier to Integrate in Kosovo Sociaty Life.

Our Youth Center was happy that both volunteers showed a good cooperation and they give their contribute to our Center and Young People.
Project: "Active Youth"
Supported by Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport / Department of Youth

Summary of the Project :
The project is implemented by 05 March 2012 and was completed on 31 May 2012, this project has been provided to develop a course 12 Sessione (12 days) with all the representatives of the five groups Klina municipality schools.

Aim : Project to Create a Youth group with sufficient information on voluntary work, the willingness of the group to come up with ideas and projects on volunteering also to Inform young people about different volunteering opportunities at Their Country and abroad.

Activities : Training Course was  by two trainers (Youth Workers) who have developed direct work with the beneficiaries, we worked on methods of lecturing, discussion about youth work and the Volunteering as well, we show to young people that it will have good  opportunities to be engaged as member of Youth Organisations  or  as formal group.
Total Beneficiars were 25 young people aged 14-18 years old.

Results :
Development of training course  come up with a very postive result, in the end of Course we had a group of 25 young people that are ready to become a Group with developed Skills and Capacties to work as Group. They first Initiative of the group was at 10 session when they already started with ideas of new Projects. In last day  they come up with 4 diffrnet ideas and with support of Youth Center Team will be ready to realise ideas of the Group.
The Group name is ” Volunteers for Future” and it has also the leader of The Group. For the start they will be part of Groups in Youth Center and in future they can make their own activities or Youth Initiatives.
Project  "For Our Youth"

Project Summary :
The project was implemented from 12 November 2012 and ended on 15 December 2012, this project has been provided to develop 1 training (two days) in elementary school in Gremnik Klina municipality.  The aim of this project is that Youth get adequate information for the prevention of SST and HIV / AIDS and Youth awarness  informations gained during training to correctly broadcast to others and to their peers.

Activity : two-day workshop was Relaised in the village Gremnikë at  Primary School premises "Zgjimi", participants  in the training were young people from Gremnikë and Dollc. All together participated 25 young people aged 15 years old, during the training of the young people have been very active and very interested in getting information on the prevention of HIV / Aids.
During training are distributed materials such are brochures, posters  for awarwness of youth in the prevention of HIV / AIDS.