A Year in Review

Project: Children’s Right”
Supported by NGO” SYRI Vizionit”, implemented during July & August 2010
Aim : to raise awareness among children about their rights and their responsibilities.

Project Objectives :
Raising values of Children as main character and to respect of Rights through Recreational activities. To offer formative opportunities for educators to use different methodological ways to handle the responsibilities of the Child Rights. Recognition with Convention on the Rights of the Child and Awareness on the idea for peace.                                                    

Project Summary :
In cooperation with officer of children Right’s and daily work we have identify many cases of children that they do not attend regular School. For this issue we agreed to develop activities regarding children’s right in Klina town.  During this project we organized 5 workshops with children, they had an opportunity to get information’s from a proper facilitator for children’ right.  In first three workshops was been explained children responsibilities and Convent of Untitled Nations, in last two workshops we used the methodology of non-forma education so the children can see a Movie on theme: “Children’s right” and also it was organized an exhibiting of best essays and draws that worked during workshops.
Pilot Project ” One life without HIV/AIDS”
Aim : to organise activities that prevent HIV/AIDS and valuate cooperation between Education Sector in form that in future to develop Health Education.
Activities :
Training: In the project was developed one Training at the Primary School “ Azem Bejta”, in this training partecipated 25 young people of age 15 years old, all the group was intrested about HIV/AIDS prevantion. Training was leaded by two Peer Educators which has been explore wayes of infection of HIV/AIDS and its consequences. This training has enabled direct involvment of young people in awarness activities for Health Education and informations how to protect their Health in future.
Marathon :
Campagne:Volunteers of youth center has organised one Informive campagne which has involve a high number of citizens by giving to all community a leaflets with all information about HIV/ AIDS and Health education.
Echibition: This activity aimed to include all activities and the closure of projket, in this exhibition Peer-educators  had an opportunity to introduce the course of training, informative campagne and showed their work statement with papers and files. In this exhibition partecipated  project beneficiaries and project collaborators Youth Sector, the school principal and school teachers who have supported our activities.
 The beneficiaries of this project were mainly 75 young people aged 15-24 years old, including many young people from rural areas and some urban areas.

Project: ”  Protect yourself and Your Friend”
Supported by Team for Menagment of project FGATM for HIV/AIDS
Summary: Project was developed from 15 december 2010 and ended in 15 february 2011, in this project were realised 5 trainings ( two days training) and one program in local Radio.

Aim: Young people to have an  adequate information and sutible to prevent IST and HIV/AIDS and awarness of young people for non-formal education and learning how to get correct informations in order to transimit these information to their peers /friends.

First training: has been realised in village called Grabanica at Primary School “ Azem Bejta”,  partecipants in this two days training were youth form Grbanica, Dollovë, Bokshiq , Këpuz and Qeskovë. In total were 27 young people , 15 years old. During the training young people were active and intrested to get informations for HIV/AIDS prevention. Representative of School has enabled to transport 6 young people from vilage Këpuz.

Second training: during the training it was a period of winter and we handeled to develop training at Youth Center” Ardhmeria” with 18 young partecipants, and some of partecipants were members of Center and the others were same age for Klina Schools. As the wather was cold but partecipants were very active by being part of the training .

Third Training: has been developed 13& 14 january with young people from Primary School ”Shtjefen Gjeqovi” Zllakuqan, it was nice group and full of youth enegry to be active during activities it was first cooperation with this school and also they offer a transport for young people 7km far to partecipate in our training.

Fourth Training: has realised in vilage called Jashanicë,  we worked with a group of young people that they never had opportunity to have any informations at the school for HIV/AIDS.

Fifth training: has developed in village called Drenoc, partecipnats at this school had an opportunity to show their self and undestand that they need to partecipate in health education trainings so that can show a postive result, our training had worked hard to activate partecipants in this school.

Program in Radio ”Alba”: in the end of trainings we invited some representatives of partecipant, peer Educators to make an public report and show to our Institutions, Comunity that young people are willing to partecipate in health education activities .

All training were leaded by two PEER educators and they were involved in dircet work with youngsters , they used methodology of non-forma education so every young people was willing and motivated to be part of the trainings, total number of beneficiars were 120 young people.