A Year in Review

Project Aim:  Youth integration in sport activities.
Duration: 1/03/2009-30/09/2009

Youth Centre” Ardhmeria” during year 2009 has selected 4 local Volunteers to be trained as Peer Educators in Sport Activities, in order to develop skills and Increase their Capacities by organising Sport Activities with Youth and Children in Klina Town.
SSF is French organisation that provides Professional Trainings and Seminars for Sport Activities in Kosovo, all trainings were held in Vushtria.
After the trainings four Volunteers took their own Initiative by organising Sport Activities during 2008.
The first activity was organized in Rugova Mountain, They have participated around 50 young people From Klina , age 14-18 years Old
During this day 4 volunteers they have interpret some activities that they have learnt in SSf NGO during the period that they have spent in Vushtria in training.
And the activity has been developing in very successful way by Playing Creative Games and funny movements, Young people liked all games that were developed
Second Activity: Bicycle Marathon, this activity was organised with partners from Istog and Peja, Bicycle Marathon started in Klina with 35 Young people and in Gurakovc we meet with our partner and there were 20 participants that join the Marathon so together we enter In Peja, and Ending of Marathon was organised from Peja Partner, so after the Marathon in Peja City were organised some racing and movements with bicycles. Activity was Supported by three Municipalities ( Klina, Istog, Peja)  and Regional Police for Security reasons.

Third Activity: Football Tournament, was organised with young people from Klina, the group Organised two Tournaments one for Children (age 9-12) and another for (15-18 years old).

Fourth Acitivity: Games without a border it was organised in Klina Sport Field, participants were children of 8 -12 years, total number were 40 children that benefited from these activity.