A Year in Review

Project:” Networking and creating youth groups in rural areas”
Supported by the UNDP / UNV, implemented during 2008

• Networking of young people in rural areas
• Increasing the awareness and the integration of young people into society through volunteer work

Development of the project began with the announcement and presentation of project to the first chairman of the local community of the Municipality of Klina, they were known about the progress of the project during the implementation.
The program is implemented in local communities with the help of schools and representatives of villages, the youth survey, which was done through a questionnaire to survey the needs of young people in rural areas.
Research has started in the village Jashanicë Gjurgjevik, Videjë and Klina.
After this research was a survey by the staff of the Centre and are organized trainings on the topic: "The Importance of Volunteer Work" Trainings are led by the 2 trainer of Youth Centre "Ardhmeria”.
Trainings are conducted in primary schools: Jashanicë Jagodë, Shtupel and Klina,  the idea of ​​realizing this activity was for each school to have 6 young talented and willing to create a Youth group formed of 15 new members. In future these youth groups will serve as representatives of their local communities.
Motivation Methods was the presentation of volunteers of Youth Center "Ardhmeria" and their experience to motivate other young people to be part of Youth Network.

After meetings and trainings Youth Centre conducted these Groups to make a presentation on Local Radio” Alba” to promote Youth Centre initiative in rural areas and present activities needs, educational needs, granting scholarships and evaluation of the work of volunteers at the same time to make a public report.

Upon completion of this project will continue contacts with the Youth Centre staff with Youth groups formed, after the completion of the training were Created Youth groups in order to develop various creative activities.

Beneficiaries of the project were 60 young people of Kline municipality, including both gender (female and male), and of this number 15 youth were from minority ethnic groups.