A Year in Review

Summer CAMP in Klina/August 2006
Arci/Massa Carrara-Umberto Moise
Youth Center” Ardhmeria” Kline

In advance of the Summer Camp we were looking for young Italian volunteers with expertise in managing activities and workshops and who are motivated to work with children and young people and curious about the context of Kosovo.

For the duration of 3 weeks 7 Italian volunteers supported our staff members to organize leisure time activities in our youth center and also the village Gjurgjevik I Vogel. In total 120 children participated in the camp.

We staged a performance of “The Little Prince” in the theater of Kline involving the local citizens as far as possible. It was a way to give an objective and a source of pride to the small actors who participated with all their spontaneity, ingenuity and warmth.
The experiences of the group, sharing moments of work as well as moments of relaxation have been constructive from all points of view: An opportunity for discussion, collaboration and of course even fun.
Mini project "Community Development"

The Mini project “Community Development” was developed due to the need of professional skills and the involvement of young people from rural areas including those of different ethnicities. The project was supported by the Municipal Integration and Support Initiative (MISI).
It consisted out the three activities:
1. Training on “Women’s Rights”
2. two-week course of IT
3. Printing of a magazine

First Activity:
On 6th August the training "Woman's rights" was conducted in the premises of our Youth Center.
In this activity women from the Ashkali community Mahalla and Albanian women from Klina Town participated. The training was led by two experienced trainers who worked with new methods of lecturing and group work so that the women felt free to express themselves. With the help of this training women from two different communities and two different ethnic groups recognized and shared experiences of culture and life.

Second Activity:
From 11th September to 22nd September 2006 an IT Course was led by a professor of Technology for 12 young people from the Ashkali village Klinavc.
During the course the adolescents were provided with the basic knowledge of computer IT use. The participants followed the activity regularly and with high interest.
On the last day they have been taught how to write their own CV to be able to apply for a job in future.

Third Activity:
After the completion of those activities in the youth center the staff worked on a magazine which includes the mini project “Community Development” as well as the other activities which took place in the center during the year 2006.
Project: "Women’s emancipation”

Aim:   Integration and empowerment of minority’s women in society, improving women's conditions and support the freedom of women
In the Project were included two modules:

Module I – Reproductive Health

The seminars on "Reproductive Health" were conducted in the premises of our youth center.
The workshops were led by two expert trainers who have 4 years experiences of leading a group of doctors for Reproductive Health in the region of Peja.
Both trainers used methods of Non Formal Education. The participants initially felt very comfortable with each other to express themselves freely. The trainers also provided a good environment between the group and themselves where participants had time to discuss about reproductive health.
Because the majority of the participants have not yet been involved in any work or activity where they could get these information, it was necessary for the young women to be informed as much as possible.

During October 2006 3 groups took part in the 4-day workshops. Each group consisted of 20 participants. So in total 60 girls and women from the age of 15 to 25 participated. 50% were from the village Klinavc, while the other young women came from other villages, such as Shtupel, Drenoc, Qabiq, Sverk, etc.

Seminar Topics:
• Sexual diseases (SST)
• Prevention of HIV /AIDS
• Protection from unwanted pregnancy
• Family Planning

Module II – The Women’s Rights

Was conducted in the premises of the Youth Center "The future" and is developed on the 11th, 12th and 13th October 2006.
From 11th – 13th October 2006 the workshops were led by an expert trainer on “Women’s Rights”.
We took initiative to invite women from Klina Town and its surrounding countryside as there is a real need of support and arising awareness. Even though they do not participate in the activities or decision-making, we discussed topics that belong to the rights of women.
During these three days the participants began to tie a collective among themselves and during the various discussions they said they feel very satisfied by this seminar because they exchanged very different life experiences and culture and learned a lot about their rights. Especially that even a woman who is not working or in other fields of life has the right of expression either in decision-making in their families or family planning.

 The project was supported by GTZ (German Technical Cooperation governmental organization).
It should be noted that during the implementation of the project we encountered in mutual cooperation with the Office of Minorities in Klina.
Volunteers of Youth Center "Ardhmeria" have helped us with the organization of work and the development of activities.