A Year in Review

From 2002 to 2004 our youth center was a partner in the project Community Development financed by the Italian NGO IPSIA (Peace institution and solidarity ACLI). The project supported youth center’s activities and also developed the skills and capacities of our working team.

The project was divided in two phases:
First phase :
In the first year the project supported all activities in our youth center.
Additionally trainings and seminars on Children’s Education, Management and Peace & Tolerance were provided in Kosovo and Italy. These trainings, which were organized with all other youth centers that IPSIA supported, gave every facilitator the opportunity to increase their ability of daily work with young people.
Second phase:
The second phase of the project was more focused on creating a structure in the youth center and supporting the working team to understand the topic of association, also by making a promotion of local youth center and its activities.
During this phase many Cultural & Sport activities were developed:
  • camp in Rugova mountains with disabled children,
  • camp at the seaside in Montenegro for disabled children
  • children’s camp in Klina called “Terre Liberta”