A Year in Review

Youth center “Ardhmeria” in Klina was founded on September of 1999 as a need for youth activities in post-war society in Kosova.

The center was founded with the help of an Italian organization as ICS (Italian Consortium of Solidarity), ARCI, FCEI and IPSIA (Institute of Peace and development ACLIi) which were active in Kosova after war in our country.

Among the Youth projects ICS has founded some Community Centers around Kosova including the south part of Mitrovica. One of founded centers was also “Ardhmeria” (Klina).

Klina Youth Center was founded after a feasibility survey made by ICS- representatives, and after employment of working staff which they were active in the activities of the center.
Working team:
 1 Manager
 1 Program Coordinator
15 Educators & facilitators
Children Activity: At the beginning were 2 Educators and 3 Facilitators who deal with around 50 kids in Youth Center, age (between 3 and 6 years old). For us the thoughts and visions For Children Activity was the center of our educational conviction, mainly in reference to the idea of the child, the role of the Teacher and the view on the world surrounding the child. In the Kindergarten there were many children that during the war they lost their parents, this kids they spent 3 Hours in Kindergarten every working day.

Culture Activities:
Theater- this activity was leaded by a professional artist in Klina Town, this activity was open for ages 12-18 years old so the trainer organized two working groups so he could practice younger generations to become groups that will continue to work in Theater and Drama, after some months of practice he motivated a high number of young people to promote Culture and show their talent to the public. This Activity showed a very good result by giving idea to Youth Center to organize time by time Cultural Events, Concerts etc.
Guitar Course- this Course was organized to give opportunity to young people to use the guitar and it was leaded by a young person that he could teach to others to play the Guitar.
Piano Course- this Course had 4 Groups that practice to play the piano and also after the course the candidates of the Course they could practice in Piano without facilitators.

Sport- Youth Center had 2 facilitators that were engaged to organize Sport Activities, one facilitator was for football trainings and he had one group of young people that they played football and also organizing together with a group the football tournaments. The Second Facilitator was engaged for Basketball.
IT Course: at the beginning of 1999 in Klina there were any other Centers that young people know to use the Computers, Youth Center had a donation from ICS to buy 7 Computers and we organized IT courses and I can say that every young person came in Center to attend Computer Course and also the people that were working in Public administration. These Courses were leaded by professional Professor.

Foreign Languages:
Italian Language: In Klina there were many Italian organizations and also Italian KFOR (army) so Community was interested to learn Italian Language also the team of Youth Center they had a special Course for Italian Language so they could make easier communication with their partners, Italian Course was leaded by Italian representing Arci in Kosovo Mr.Umberto Moisse.
English language: we had 3 facilitators for English Course, 1 facilitator worked with two group’s age 8-10 years old, and Second facilitator had also two groups and she worked with ages 11-14 years old. The Third Facilitator worked with age 15-18 years old and also with older ages.