Halloween në Klinë

31 October 2016 & 1 November 2016
Executive Summary
    Halloween “Trick or Treat” was a success in many ways this year.  As a youth center focused on building the capacities of the youth in Kline, we were able to guide our older youth volunteers to create an event for children in the municipality.  They brainstormed, planned, and prepared two hours of activity for the younger children.  Then, after several hours of planning and preparing, our youth volunteers were able to lead and facilitate a large scale event involving upwards of 450 children and their families for an evening of interactive engagement.  They introduced an international and multi-cultural festival in the form of Halloween.
    In order to engage more of the community, we opted to seek out local businesses as sponsors for our event.  We are grateful to the local businesses of Blinipharm Barnatore, Dorina Pasticeria, Te Rrethi Restaurant, Euro Bar Kafe, Pizza Fresh restaurant, Qytesa Kafe, and a private donation from the Childers family for their wonderful support and financial donations.  All their contributions allowed us to offer prizes and games along with face painting and mask making.  The Municipality of Kline also contributed in a large way by providing further entertainment with the musical styles of DJ Poni as well as numerous materials to build our games.  
    Based on initial data inputs, we can note that we had an attendance of over 450 people from the community.  Our numbers are based off the ticketing and prize system we put into place for the evening’s events.  Total use of tickets, prizes, and rewards tell us the attendance was in the range of 500-600 attendees and participants.  Using this year’s model, we have adapted a new system to monitor outreach and attendance for future events to make them larger and more interactive.
We would like to thank all of our sponsors, volunteers, the Municipality of Kline, our participants and attendees for joining us and making this year’s Halloween event such a success.  We would also like to extend a large thank you to the Kline Police department for supporting us with security to help keep our participants safe and happy throughout the evening.

  • Provide an opportunity for the youth volunteers to plan and execute programming on their own for children in the community;
    • The entire planning and design was implemented by the Klinë Chapter youth volunteers.  
    • They used Project Design worksheets created by their Peace Corps Volunteer to guide them in their planning process.
    • Planning was too short, but with the additional support of the Qendra Rinore Ardhmeria director, they were able to put together a very fun and exciting evening.
  • Create a fun activity for children surrounding the international holiday of Halloween;
    • Halloween’s “Trick or Treat” event was created for the 2016 season after the positive responses from 2015’s Halloween event.  
    • The youth volunteers of Klinë Chapter made the decision to continue on with “Halloween” as a community-wide event and to make it larger this year.
  • Find a way to bring families into the community from the entire municipality for children’s programming;
    • Outreach to the community via Facebook, Instagram, and our website was decided.Posters and flyers were created to post on each social media site as well as hard copies to be distributed throughout the municipality.
  • Include business sponsors and offer ways for them to support our programs;
    • As the youth decided to have a reward system for this year’s games, our budgeting costs have increased.  
    • In order to encourage more community participation, we offered sponsorships to local business that could possibly be affected by the evening’s events.
  • Provide games and entertainment for children engagement;
    • It was decided to repeat some of the more popular events from last year’s Halloween event.  
    • Face-painting, mask-making, and the cut-out photo booth were very popular for the children last year.
    • Along with those three activities, the youth volunteers created four games to engage the children in activities requiring some concentration.  
    • Pick-A-Pumpkin, Pumpkin Memory, Cup Game, and Tug-O-War were included in the programming.

    With the assistance of the Municipality of Klinë and several donors, we were able to pull together a small budget and financial plan for the event.

  • In-kind donations:   music, police support, paper materials for crafts, office supplies for printing, prizes, candy, face paint;
  • Purchases:  Rope, tape, cups, plates, balls, candy, tools;
  • Financial Donations: €50 from local businesses

We would like to thank all of our sponsors and support in this event. 

Trick or Treat!!!

Getting Ready!!

Click here for pictures from our Halloween event!!

Click here for images of our preparation for our Halloween event!