Youth Groups

Klina Chapter

Klina Youth Chapter
Was founded in September 2011 with Aim to Create Youth Groups that can initiate positive changes in our Society , Klina Chapter is  member  of network  People to People International.
Klina Youth Chapter has his Structure: President, vice president, Secretary and Accountant Holder and members of the Chapter, to become member of Chapter every Young people that is 15-24 years old can join the Group with membership fee, in total are 23 Members.
The working team organizes regular Activities during a year with support of all members.
Humanitarian Activity: In December 2011 by asking a support from private companies and collecting clothes from students Klina Youth Chapter achieved to prepare new year's gifts (clothes and food) for 5 poor families.

Global Service day: Every year People to People all over the world organizes activities on 26-28 April. In 2012 Klina Youth Chapter organized a cooperation with the local Primary School. 30 students wrote essays about environment. The aim of this activity was motivating young people to express themselves about environment and show us their opinions regarding environment in Klina Town. The best essay was selected from the Head Master of the Primary School and it was awarded with an Appreciation Certificate by Klina Youth Chapter.
Peer To Peer: In the End of May every student has to do the National Exam which many young people have difficulties to pass. Klina Youth Chapter organized courses 2 hours a Week for the period of one month. The Student that is good in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry or English teaches a group of 10 other students. In this way students supported their PEERS. In total 40 young people benefited from this activity.
Support to Poor Families: In December 2012 Klina Youth Chapter was divided into two smaller groups in order to increase fundraising to support families. One Group of 5 members promoted the activity to private companies and asked them for support. The second group prepared cakes and sold them for Christmas. With the income of these two activities Klina Youth Chapter distributed gifts (Food, Clothes & Toys) to 5 families.

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Our youth volunteers work hard to create workshops that include all aspects of a working theater.  From classes on costumes and props, to session for learnng lines and acting, our volunteers create interactive programming to involve those interested into every part of the theater experience.
Life Skills:

The youth volunteers chose topics of interest to them and their peers to create workshops and informational sessions.  They often include the community when planning and delivering their research.
Literacy & Sport:

Volunteers have special interest groups in literature, music, art and sports.

Our young volunteers have created groups for futboll, volleyball, bicycle trips, marathons, and many other sport activites to keep the children of Klinë active and social all at the same time!