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Hear from some of our past EVS volunteers here in Kosovo and abroad!
Erasmus+ is an EU Programme for young people aged 13-30 from EU Member States, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Turkey, the EU neighbors (Eastern Europe and Caucasus, the Mediterranean region, South-East Europe) and other partner countries in the world.

It aims to inspire a sense of active citizenship, solidarity and tolerance among young Europeans and to involve them in shaping the Union’s future. It promotes mobility within and beyond the EU borders, non-formal learning and intercultural dialogue, and encourages the inclusion of all young people, regardless of their educational, social and cultural background.

What mobility activities are possible?

There are three types of learning mobility activities for youth: youth exchanges; European Voluntary Service (EVS); and training/networking for youth workers. One or more activities can be combined into a mobility project, with an EU organization or in some cases, an informal group of young people working in partnership with one or more organizations from the Erasmus+ participating countries.

Overall, projects last from between one to two years. For young people this could mean up to a year abroad as a volunteer, while for youth workers it could be as little as two days abroad on training.
Youth Exchange Program

1 "#YOUTHMENTARY: EVS for youth workers”
Trajnimi është organizuar me qellim të rritjes së bashkëpunimit të projekteve rinore dhe specifikisht për projektet e shkëmbimeve(EVS) në mes të partnereve. Trajnimi është organizuar nga Arci në qytetin Nicolasi dhe ka zgjatur 8 ditë, nga qendra Ardhmeria moren pjesë dy të rinjë që ishin pjesë e 28 të rinjëve nga vendet e ndryshme europiane.
Implementuar në Nicolasi-Italy prej 6t  -13 Maj 2015

2 “MotivACTION” trajnim 8 ditor në Nicolasi-Itali
është organizuar nga Arci, qëllimi i këtij projekti ishte që të rinjët nderkomëbtar të ftuar në një vend të takohen dhe të fillojn të inciojn idea të reja për shkëmbimet Rinore në Evrop. Nga qendra jonë moren pjesë dy të rinjë dhe përfaqsuan Kosoven.
Implementuar në Nicolasi-Italy prej 10  -17 Qershor 2015

3 Projekti  “For a better Unity-Active in our community”
është organizuar nga partneret tonë FoTA nga Suedia, gjatë muajit Korrik një Grup i të rinjëve nga FoTA vizituan qytetin e Klinës dhe vendosen që të zhvillojm një bashkëpunim në mes të Kosovës dhe shtetit Suedez në vjeshtë të vitit 2016. Projekti u realizua në Lund të Suedis dhe mundësoi që 7 të rinjë të Klinës të marrin pjesë në këtë projekt dhe të vizitojn orgnizatat rinore dhe gjithashtu të shkembehen aktivitete Kulturore në mes të grupit rinor. Në këtë projekt moren pjesë 7 të rinjë nga Kosova, 7 të rinjë nga Serbia dhe 7 të rinjë nga Suedia.
Implementuar në Lund-Suedi prej 20  -27 Tetor 2015


1.Training Course “Diversity to improve my skills”
Training course was organized in Montedoro in Italy by our partner Arci Strauss, at this international training participated two members of youth center in order to improve skills for international cooperation in youth in action projects in future.
Implemented in Montedoro-Italy from 3rd -10th April 2014

2. Cuprija Caravan 2014
Every second year there is organized in Bosnia Heritage camp, this camp is organized by Luxembourg Scout Organization, and our Youth Center is main partner in this Camp,   12 young people from Kosovo participated and also other participants were from Luxembourg and Bosnia. The high number of young people from 3 different nations stayed and worked together in a summer camp in Bosnia, it was a good opportunity to share information and cultural exchange among young people.

Implemented on 2nd -14th august 2014, Bosnia and Herzegovina

3. TC Our Margin for theater
One of our good partners is People to people international and also we have a group of young people that are members of this international network, and this year we were partners in a training course organized by PTPI in Berlin for youth groups, at this training course participated one leader group and 2 young people to learn about theater tools and improve our group skills on developing youth work through theater.

Implemented in Berlin/Germany on 17th -24th August 2014
  • Participation in a ‘Youth in Action’ seminar in Serbia, Etna and Roma- Italy
  • Participation in a ‘Youth in Action’ workshop in Luxembourg
  • Hosting one EVS-volunteer from Germany for 6 month
  • Participation in Cuprija Camp in Bosnja
  • Participation in a training course in Wales, Yorkshire and Worchester

  • Participation in ‘Youth in Action’ seminar and youth exchange in Italy
  • Cooperation with other youth centers in Kosovo to inform them about Youth in Action to encourage them to take part in youth exchanges
  • Hosting two EVS-volunteers from Italy for 6 months

  • Participation in ‘Youth in Action’ seminars in France, Netherlands, Belgium, Turkey and Luxembourg

  • Participation in SALTO YOUTH trainings to build partnerships with EU member states
  • Cooperation with SALTO SEE (SALTO South East Europe) as hosting partner for a study visit in Kosovo
  • Sending EVS-volunteer to Italy for 6 months

  • Accreditation in ‘Youth in Action’
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